Best Buy leaks Moto 360 specs with no surprises

Specs and price seem to have been outed for Moto's new wearable weeks before September 4 launch date
BestBuy leaks Moto 360 specs

The Moto 360's secrets are out...thanks to Best Buy. Though Motorola hasn't confirmed that the specs accidentally leaked on the website are the real thing, they sure look like what's been leaked about the phone so far ahead of the official launch next month.

Good news is that the specs look pretty much like we expected but who knows if Motorola has surprises in store.

Sweet...on paper

BestBuy leaks Moto 360 specs

The Moto 360 is listed as being compatible with Android 4.3 or later, with a 1.5" touchscreen, 320 x 290 resolution at 205 ppi. Said touchscreen has Corning Gorilla Glass 3, with a digital watch interface with the time, date as well as calendar and alarm functions. A Texas Instrument processor is the heart of the device though there's no mention of its speed or make.

Other things to note: a built-in heart rate monitor and pedometer, voice activation thanks to the also built-in microphone, Bluetooth 4.0. Waterproofing? Yes, up to 3.3' for 30 minutes. There's a lithium-ion battery pack with an included dock and charger but no confirmation if the charging is wireless.

Is the leather band there? Yes, Best Buy says it's a Horween leather band with a metal buckle closure to complement a stainless steel case and plastic case back.

The price, at US$249.99, looks to be fairly expected for the specs. Its price puts it on par with offerings from Samsung with the added benefit of it looking like a real watch and not one of those funky rubber wristbands. As the ad mentions 'select Android devices', let's hope Motorola hasn't decided to make the phone only compatible with its current and upcoming phones.

We'll know the full details once the launch happens on Sept 4, along with the G2 and X+1 launches. Samsung is also having a big launch on that day while the next iPhone is set to launch Sept 9.

In the meantime, we'll keep you updated with all things smartwatch.

[Source: DroidLife]