Asus prepping big launch events in Malaysia

We're expecting Asus' latest notebooks or at the very least the ZenFone AR to make an appearance

Asus confirmed that there will be at least three major events coming up in Malaysia, hinting only that the key themes will be "Zen" and "Augment".

Ready your wallets

The precise dates haven't been revealed, but the first of two Zen events will be held in mid-June and we're guessing that it will be the recently unveiled notebooks in Asus Zen range.

If we were to follow the trend of last year, it's likely that while all the notebooks will be announced, not all of them will be available at press time. There's a high likelihood that the Flip and new VivoBooks will be on sale first, while the higher-end ZenBook Pro and the ZenBook 3 Deluxe could be announced, but be on sale a little later.

As for the 'Augment' event in July, we're guessing it's for the ZenFone AR. AR does stand for augmented reality after all. The puzzle however is the third event in August, the second in 'Zen' events that Asus teased.

Still, if you'd been planning to upgrade to a new Asus notebook or been awaiting Asus' take on AR, then hold onto your wallets for a bit. They're coming, and pretty soon.