Apple's new iPad mini: Space grey and with a retina screen?

New shots claiming to show a space grey casing for Apple's iPad Mini have surfaced - and they show the latest mini could be slightly chubbier, but with a retina screen.
The iPad mini in space grey

An updated iPad mini is expeced to be unveiled by Apple on 22nd October, along with a new fifth generation iPad and the tubular Mac Pro.

Space for a small one?

The interior of the new iPad Mini
Another shot obtained by Sonny Dickson

The latest shots claiming to show Apple's new iPad mini reveal a space grey casing fitting with the latest iPhone 5s colour scheme.

The pictures, obtained by Sonny Dickson, show the mini casing in its clearest detail yet. If they are real, we'd also expect to see a silver and champagne version, echoing the iPhone 5s.

Dickson also claims to have casings for the larger iPad 5G, which will, he says, be available in the same colours.

They come as a Japanese site claims the new retina iPad mini could have gained some weight and girth in its quest for a high resolution screen.

It tried some purported cases for the next-generation iPad mini, and found they fit a device with a thickness of 7.5mm and width of of about 0.2mm wider than the current iPad mini.

The change is believed to be to allow a higher spec battery to be shoehorned into the casing, allowing the high resolution screen to be powered for as long as the current low res, but slimmer, version.

[Source: Sonny Dickson and Macotakara]