Apple Watch hacked to display custom watch faces

We wonder why said hacker doesn't just get an Android Gear instead

Apple's notorious for locking down a lot of its operating systems. But iOS developer Hamza Sood was not stopped in his attempts to tinker with the Apple Watch so that custom faces can be uploaded onto the device.

The info was made public following a tweet by Sood, sharing a video of a custom animated watch face with different colours. The source code to make the custom face has been made available on GGitHub and will require watchOS 2. Sood has been working with other developers earlier this summer to hack the watch OS 2 to run apps such as Canabalt and a Flappy Bird clone.

We are not sure if Apple will allow custom watch faces in the future but as we all know, right now this is the only way.

[source : MacRumors]