Apple shows off Oscar ad shot with iPad

The new Apple ad was shown at the Oscars and had Martin Scorcese doing a voiceover

Apple's been trying to push the envelope with ads and continuing to push the notion that creatives prefer Apple. The company's even made an ad for the Oscars, touting iPad filmmaking with the impressive bit being - the ad itself was made with an iPad.

The iPad as the next camcorder?

Not entirely, of course. The ad does note that there were additional things involved.

It's highly unlikely that the iPad will replace indie film cameras anytime soon, but with people bringing iPads to concerts, weddings and other places you would see people bringing camcorders, iPad videos are now a thing.

The ad itself featuresLos Angeles County High School students using the iPad to both shoot and edit footage, as well as the pre-prep of writing and producing. Even scoring the film is shown being done on an iPad.

With iPad sales slipping, perhaps Apple is trying to push the device's desirability though in some cases, an iPhone 6 Plus with its better camera might be better for taking footage. Still, nice try, Apple.

[Source: Macrumors]