Apple releases iOS 11.2 update early to fix 11.1.2 bug

Here's what to do if the bug is affecting your phone

Apple stores were even more crowded than usual yesterday, and not because everyone was doing their Christmas shopping.

A bug in iOS 11.1.2 caused many iPhones around the globe to crash and reboot repeatedly once the phones' calendars rolled over to 2 December, leading some users to head to the stores to get their devices fixed. 

More than a fix

To rectify the issue, Apple has issued an early release (its updates are typically released on Tuesdays) of its iOS 11.2 update, which you'll have to install for the fix.

The tech giant said users should turn off notifications for all apps on their phone, download iOS 11.2, then turn notifications back on.

Fix aside, the update is a significant one because it introduces fast wireless charging for the iPhone X and 8 models, live wallpapers for the X, and, for US users, Apple Pay Cash capabilities.