Apple plans to invade your cars with its iOS-running CarPlay

Not content with getting you hooked onto its mobile devices, Apple's eyeing your cars as the next platform for iOS to conquer (updated: Volve video with CarPlay demo added)
iOS to invade your cars

It seems Apple really wants to be a part of your life, kind of like an overly attached girlfriend. 

The new in-car iPhone integration system is called CarPlay, to designed to be an eyes-free system for your phone, entertainment, and communications systems.

Built from the ground-up, Apple says you can enjoy the iPhone experience while driving. Most likely, you’ll be having Siri for company while you pay attention to the road.

CarPlay will be controlled via the car’s native infotainment system, and some models might even have a special voice control button to activate Siri anytime you need her.

Apple plans to invade your cars with its iOS-running CarPlay

Of course, you can expect Apple to throw Apple Maps into the system as well. There’ll also be other third-party entertainment apps supported, including Spotify, Beats Radio, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher.

When can we expect it? Apple will be showcasing CarPlay in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Ferrari, Volvo and Mercedes Benz are some of the brands that are expected to showcase this new tech.

CarPlay will land as part of an iOS 7 update and will only work with Lightning connector iPhones, so anyone with a model older than an iPhone 5 is out of luck. 

Source: Gizmodo