Apple patent points to pressure sensitive screens for future iPhones and iPads

New Apple patent features force sensors to track how hard you're pressing on the screen
Apple patent

Apple looks set to make screen tech its next battleground in the ongoing iPhone versus Android war.

It's already reportedly kitting out the iPhone 6 with an unscratchable sapphire glass screen, which could feature solar charging tech.

Now Apple has filed a patent for technology that would add pressure sensitivity to the screens of its iPhones and iPads. The patent describes pressure sensors located beneath the screen bezel – using triangulation and relative force detection, the iPhone or iPad would be able to track how hard you're pressing on a certain part of the screen.

As well as measuring pressure, the sensors could also be used for improved palm and thumb detection – potentially allowing for thinner bezels (or counteracting the increase in screen size that's reportedly coming with the iPhone 6). Placing sensors under the bezel would also enable Apple to kit its iPhones and iPads out with bezel-based gesture controls.

While it's a bit early to expect this technology to find its way onto the iPhone 6, it opens up some exciting possibilities for the future. If nothing else, it'll give the makers of pressure sensitive styluses the willies.

[Source: Apple Insider]

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