8 things you need to know about Google's new Nexus Player

Google takes on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV with its first Android TV device
Google Nexus Player

Google's Android TV is coming to your tellybox with the new Nexus Player.

Two years after the advent of the ill-fated Nexus Q media streamer, Google is having another stab at taking on the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV with its own media streaming device – so what does the Nexus Player have to offer?

1. It's round

Google Nexus Player

So very round. But not spherical, like the Nexus Q, oh no. More like a hockey puck. At 120mm x 20mm, it's a little larger and thinner than the Apple TV, and a bit lighter too, at 235g versus the Apple TV's 272g. Basically, it'll look nice and unobtrusive alongside your telly.

2. It's a big Chromecast

Google Nexus Player

The Nexus Player features Google Cast support, which will doubtless be a big selling point for Chromecast fans; you'll be able to ping Cast-ready apps including Vevo, DailyBurn and Now TV to your telly using the Nexus Player.

3. It puts Google Play on your telly

Google Nexus Player

You can finally get Google Play on your TV without faffing around with MHL adapters, wireless HDMI and Chromecasts. That means you can download and view movies and TV shows from a library of thousands of titles using your Google Player; it'll sync playback with other Google Play devices, allowing for you to pick up a programme where you left off on a smartphone or tablet. Naturally, the Nexus Player also runs Google Play Music and Games.

4. It's a games console

Google Nexus Player

Ah yes, games. Like Amazon's Fire TV, the Nexus Player does double duty as a games console; you can use the Nexus Player's remote for playing casual titles, or pick up an Asus-built controller for more involved games.

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5. It packs an Intel Atom processor

Google Nexus Player

Under the hood, the Asus-built Nexus Player packs a 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Atom processor with the Imagination PowerVR Series 6 Graphics 2D/3D Engine, backed up by 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. That means it should be able to handle 3D games, though it's not exactly going to compete with the likes of the PlayStation 4.

6. You can talk to it

Google Nexus Player

Google's all about the voice control these days, and the Nexus Player is no exception; its remote has a mic button that'll let you use voice search to trawl your library of films and TV.

7. Apps. So many apps

Google Nexus Player

Google's also touting the Nexus Player as an apps platform; the selection of apps available at launch includes the obvious (YouTube, Netflix, the ubiquitous TED and TuneIn) and the obscure (Red Bull TV, Dramafever, and HGTV Watch). 

8. We don't know when it'll hit MY

Google Nexus Player

The Nexus Player is available from 3 November – in the USA, at least. You can pre-order a Nexus Player from 17 October; the Nexus Player and Remote will set you back US$100 (RM330) and comes with US$20 (RM65) of Google Play credit, while the optional games controller will cost US$40 (RM135). MY pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed.

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