This Tiny Cube Projects Up to A 240-inch Display

Portable, Powerful, PIQO
27 December 2018 / 16:03MYT

PIQO is a 2.25-inch smart projector cube with tons of features built into it including but not limited to touchscreen navigation, Keystone angle correction and Hi-Fi speakers engineered by Harman Kardon and Bose. Being the size that it is, PIQO is the smallest projector of its class but it still projects a bright 200 lumens and has a 5-hours battery life. More importantly, It is also powered by Android so it is compatible with Google Play Store - apps like Netflix, YouTube or Hulu can all be accessed. Apple users don’t have to fret as it’s universally compatible with USB, Bluetooth, Screen Mirroring and Air Play as connectivity options. PIQO also has a microSD card slot so you can download your content and view them offline as well.


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