This wearable for your kids will put paid to GP visits

Health alerts from the wrists of your little ones
01 June 2017 / 4:54MYT

Sticking a thermometer under your sprog’s tongue might be an age-old method for discerning illness, but it’s a fairly limited metric when it comes to the complexities of kids’ health. Strap this Kiddo wearable (seeking Kickstarter funding, US$79, RM340) on their wrist and you’ll have a bevvy of data to keep the doctor away. Eschewing frivolities such as location tracking, it’s non-allergenic shell instead logs their heart rate, sleep, activity, temperature and more, relying on an algorithm to learn what’s normal and ping app alerts to parents if things go sideways. There are plenty of play-focussed features to keep the wearers engaged, too.