MekaMon is a smartphone-controlled modular robot that fights in AR

Robot wars
17 November 2017 / 2:19MYT

It really wasn’t that long ago that Scalextric felt like the unsurpassable peak peak of living room-based entertainment, but here we are: four-legged mini mechs that fight each other via the futuristic magic of Augmented Reality. Launching today in the Apple Store (£299.95, RM1650), MekaMon could be the most maneuverable battle robot to date, with three degrees of movement built into each leg and four IR sensors for environmental detection. Once connected to the AR companion app through Bluetooth, you can take on other MekaMon for up to one hour between recharges, and there’s even a horde-like single-player mode for honing your skills. The modular design allows you to deck your robot out with bigger and better augs, while its makers promise firmware updates to keep the combat experience interesting post-launch. All you need to do is convince Jonathan Pearce to provide commentary.

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