Logitech’s Circle 2 can be mounted all around the house

It'll even go on the porch
14 June 2017 / 0:48MYT

Riddling your humble abode with smart cameras isn’t always the most comfortable experience. Thankfully, you can get acquainted with the Circle 2 while it sits outside: this latest, smaller version of Logitech’s smart home snapper plays nice with a host of mounts - including ones for your plugs and windows, and a weatherproof extension. Fire up the updated app, connect to your wired (£169.99, RM725) or wire-free (£199.99, RM855) Circle and you’ll soon have stellar shots of the neighbours ogling your new door lens. HomeKit support is incoming, while Alexa compatibility means voice-activated 1080p recordings. Each comes bundled with rolling 24-hour secure cloud backup, too, for hours of night vision to keep you busy.

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