Hive Camera keeps an eye on your home, barks at burglars

Fend off baddies with remote-triggered alerts
21 June 2017 / 0:45MYT

If homes are our castles, why don’t we build moats any more? Until you can muscle up the effort to find your spade and a hose pipe, there’s Hive’s latest bit of smart home kit. Not another thermostat, this one’s a camera (£129, RM700, 29 June) that’ll guard your humble abode all day long. It’ll do baby monitor duty, too, thanks to two-way audio, while sound and motion monitoring mean the clever snapper will pick up any naughty sorts going where they shouldn’t. Better yet, if you catch them in the act you can remotely zoom via the app and trigger sounds to scare them off - including a police siren, an alarm or a dog’s bark.

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