These Adidas trainers pump up the jam in retro fashion

Synth-inspired treads to get you making shapes
05 May 2017 / 0:40MYT

Way back in 2009, we had the fantastic idea of combining the humble human foot with the power of the synthesiser. Moments later, we discovered that plastic keys don’t do a good job of supporting a human’s weight. Boo. Thankfully, Neely & Daughters has done a better job of it, with its mash-up of break-dance footwear and Roland’s venerable TR-808 Rhythm Composer. Made as a Mi Adidas concept, colour panels and detailing on the shoes match the sunset hues of the original synth, while an in-built volume control and six programmed sound settings mean you can make tunes with your toes. If the 808’s ever get made, that is.