Top 5 Reasons Why People Continue To Support Huawei

You voted, you said your words, and we heard you!

Last week, we did a poll on Facebook to see if Huawei support remains strong despite everything that has happened in the past month and well, the results are clear! With 86% of users showing full support to Huawei, it's no surprise then that Huawei remains a favourite among tech users.

But instead of saying why on our side, we asked those who voted what they think. And while there are some people who shared some valid concerns about Huawei, the voices of those fully in support of Huawei were loud and clear. Here are the top 5 reasons we noticed are the reason why people continue to support Huawei.

1. They have outstanding technology

Huawei's technology has continuously awed and amazed people. The Huawei P30 comes with a 6.1" OLED Display, In-screen Fingerprint, Leica Triple Camera, Super Spectrum Sensor and more. Even the P30 Pro comes with a Leica Quad Camera, SuperZoom Lens, Super Spectrum Sensor HUAWEI 40 W SuperCharge and so much more. And that's just the flagship smartphones!

Even the midrange and entry level smartphones come with great screens and cameras that continue to bring fans back for more. Huawei knows exactly what people want in tech, and they deliver.

2. Better price tag

Another major reason why people support Huawei is that together with said powerful tech, the price tag on these products is actually reasonable and affordable. With so many powerful features pakced in their smartphones and laptops, it would be easy to put a premium price tag on these products. 

A leica camera system, AI built in smartphones, slim yet powerful notebooks utilising intel, NVIDIA and more; all this is powerful tech won't break the bank if you have the right budget for what you need.

3. Huawei creates competition

These days, the smartphone market may be having quite some competition, but there are certain aspects that remain uncontested. This is so in terms of smartphone OS where either Android or iOS reigns supreme. With Huawei creating their own OS after the Google debacle, their HongMeng OS, or Ark OS for the global market, may actually create the right competition needed for developers to create better products for consumers.

4. They have the best range of tech products

No matter what your budget is or the type of tech you prefer, Huawei has got you covered with what you need. And it's not just smartphones, laptops, tablets; there's also accessories and smart home products to look out for. You're likely to already have a Huawei modem in your home too!

Also, it's through Huawei technology that phone networks are utilising to push 5G. There's no doubt that Huawei is a powerful technology company for a reason.

5. Huawei's branding remains strong

This was one of the most commented on and let's face it. Most of the issues surrounding Huawei is political - a tension built between the US and China with Huawei strung in. But even with the serious impacts this has had on the company, there are many who are willing to overlook those issues and continue to support Huawei. To many, the brand is strong and will continue to remain strong no matter what challenges come forth.

Are there other reasons you think Huawei deserves your support? Be sure to follow our Facebook page and be sure to leave us your thoughts and comments. Your comment may appear in our next article!