Top 10 YouTube videos of 2013 in Malaysia

An overdose of cuteness, a dash of action and having to listen, listen, listen made these 10 videos the most watched in Malaysia for 2013

Big brother Google has been keeping an eye on our YouTube habits and Malaysia hasn't been spared. 

Seems like Malaysian's have an excessive liking for over the top cuteness, quite a dose of action, lots of local content and Angry Birds? (this one came out of nowhere). 

So put your hands together for the top 10 YouTube videos in Malaysia for 2013.

Ylvis – The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)

We still have no idea what the fox says after the video but we don't really care. That catchy tune (weird fox noises included) just seems to stick in our heads making us want to watch Ylvis' music video over and over again.