Smartphone Supertest 2017: What's the best phone right now?

Eight superb smartphones, but which should you splash out on?

You’ve never had it so good when it comes to picking your next smartphone. 

While Samsung was busy dealing with the fallout from its Note 7 nightmare, the other big names were all readying their own new flagships, eager to take a slice of that tasty smartphone pie. And now, with this week's arrival of the HTC U11, they're all here. 

So which should you buy? Will you be swayed by Huawei's dual-camera cleverness, or LG's bezel-less screen, or HTC's squeezable tech? Will Sony's 4K loveliness or the newly red iPhone turn your head? Are two of last year's phones, the superb-value OnePlus 3T and camera-tastic Google Pixel, still worth considering? And has Samsung redeemed itself with the S8? 

We've answered all these questions, and more, in our ultimate test of the top smartphones. Don't even think about buying a new handset before you read it.

The contenders

1. Apple iPhone 7 Plus Product Red

Everything you know and love about Apple’s biggest, baddest iPhone… only now it comes dressed in red.

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2. Huawei P10 Plus

The bigger of Huawei’s two new flagships has a twin-camera combo and loads of storage for all the magnificent pics it’ll help you take.

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3. Samsung Galaxy S8

It’s not just the ‘barely there’ screen bezels that make the S8 stand out – it’s also packing a new AI assistant to make your life easier.

4. Google Pixel XL

Google’s first attempt at a phone of its own (not counting Nexus) has the purest form of Android and a seriously impressive snapper.

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5. OnePlus 3T

The self-proclaimed ‘flagship killer’ was the bargain of 2016 – but the T model will need to do something special to stand out in 2017.

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6. LG G6

LG goes back to basics with the non-modular G6, but still finds room for some dual-camera cleverness and a super-wide 18:9 screen.

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7. Sony Xperia XZ Premium

You've never seen a phone screen like it: 4K and HDR together in one place. Throw in some seriously slow-mo shooting and this Sony's got lots going for it.

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8. HTC U11

The squeeze-friendly sides are the headline but the U11 looks like an all-round stunner of a phone.

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