Six of the best comic reader apps

ZOK! BIF! POW! ZAKAM! And other stereotypical words you might find in a comic! In honour of Comic-Con 2014, here are our favourite comic apps
Six of the best comic reader apps

The joy of browsing dusty comics in dusty back-street stores will never die, but these days there's also a shiny digital way to get your DC or Marvel fix.

Yes, in the past few years the way we read comics has undergone a sea change every bit as big as that affecting books and music.

So, ahead of Comic-Con 2014's opening in San Diego tonight, here's our guide to the best mobile comic reader apps in the world.

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1. Comics

Six of the best comic reader apps

Comics by Comixology was the Amazon of comics, until Amazon bought it. Now, it’s just Amazon, with all of the politics that brings: the Android app lost Google Play payments, and iOS lost its store entirely.

But, oh, the range - it’s hard to stay mad when there are so many affordable comics to buy.

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Download Comics for iPhone and iPad (free) here

Download Comics for Android (free) here