Pimp my ride: 5 awesome auto add­-ons you didn't know you needed

Tech your car out to be the envy of everyone on the road

Spare tires and charging cables are a necessity for your mobile partner. But quite like our smartphones, rides of today are expected to have all the comforts of home.

When it comes to making your ride more appealing, you don’t always need to head right for the auto shop.

Just do it yourself.

Pyle Built­In LCD Monitor Headrest (US$108/pair (RM406)

When you bought your car, you didn't have kids. Now things have changed, but your car doesn't need to. Instead, get Pyle's adjustable headrest built­in with 7 inch LCD monitors, capable of displaying Disney Classics and other movies in deep, rich colours and impressive widescreen resolution.

Simply replace your passenger seat headrest with these units and connect your DVD player, iPod or videogame system via its inputs. The PL71PHB is also incorporated with an IR transmitter, so plug in your wireless headphones and let everyone else enjoy a peaceful and quiet ride.

Get the Pyle Built­In LCD Monitor Headrest here

iClever Himbox HB01 (US$30 (RM115))

Is your car struggling to keep up with your smartphone? This clever accessory could be the one to close that gap. Don't jump for the Audi MMI just yet; the Himbox is a hands­free car kit with a built-­in microphone and stereo audio codec, echo and noise cancellation technology, and Bluetooth for a simple solution for answering and receiving phone calls on the go.

Stream your music through user-­friendly music controls and enjoy quality sound performance through your car ride. The Himbox can be mounted on your dashboard with its magnetic base, and comes with a dual USB car charger so you can ensure your multiple devices are powered up simultaneously for the day. Score!

Get the iClever Himbox HB01 here