Malaysia Boleh - Malaysian-shot video gets featured in Apple’s Shot on iPhone campaign

John L’s video is one of eight extolling the virtues of Apple’s iPhone camera

Apple has tons of coverage showcasing what the iPhone can do but arguably, nothing comes close to the Shot on iPhone campaign.

You can always spot one of their mega billboards in major cities all over the world, and Apple has recently taken to showing off videos too, putting out eight 15-second snippets of user-created videos on their YouTube channel.

Amongst the eight is 45-year-old Malaysian freelance photographer, John Leong (@thrumyiphone). The passionate mobile photographer moderates the Instagrammers Malaysia community (@igersmalaysia), organising Instameets and bringing clients and Instagrammers together to embark on creative projects.

The video featured was shot on his iPhone 6 in Sepang when he was on an outing with other friends for some casual shooting. As it was a clear day, they were fortunate to encounter a beautiful sunset later that evening. While shooting, he was inspired by the famous @followmeto snaps and decided to create his own vision of it as a slow motion video.

Using the Moment camera app for the wider field of view and added drama to capture the footage, he then edited the clip in iMovie and topped it all off with colour grading via the Chromic app to create the stunning short you see above. 

As for advice on shooting video? Leong only has this to say -

“Keep shooting and experimenting with passion. Without passion, nothing looks great.”