How to shop like a boss at Low Yat Plaza

Heed our advice to enjoy a gadget shopping spree at the famous IT mall

Nowadays, most malls have an IT floor. And the ground floor of older shopping malls contain at least one mobile phone kiosk.

But if you're looking for a new smartphone, save time and energy and head straight to Plaza Low Yat, the oldest IT shopping mall in KL.

In spite of the competition, Low Yat still does it best for smartphone hunters. There's even a Low Yat surrogate for PJ folk called Digital Mall.

Question is, how do you step into Low Yat and come out feeling like you've got a good deal? We have the answers below

[Main image: Cracked Apa Ini]

1. Know your fakes

Fakes are harder than ever to spot, so here comes the shared experience of the internet to the rescue.

If it exists, chances are some poor soul might have been duped into buying it. The said poor soul will have posted a Youtube video comparing the real and fake models.

For example, thanks to this video from TechRax, I now know that a fake S6 may be so poorly made that your mini-SIM won't fit. I'll need to try to insert it into the phone before considering the purchase.

2. Be a comparison shopper

Sites like Lazada and Rakuten might offer cheaper prices, but they don't give you the actual product to bring for a test drive. That's not to say they aren't useful. Check the pricing information on these sites to help you work out if the price is reasonable for that iPhone 6 Plus.

For the ultimate comparison shopper, there's Price Pony or Price Panda. Spend a good few minutes to look through the prices. Mark it down, and use it as leverage to negotiate for a better price when you're at the physical shop.