How I ditched my laptop for an iPad Pro (and you can too)

Apps I can't live without

Besides Jump, Enlight, Pixelmator and Affinity Photo, I also found the following apps essential on my iPad Pro journey:

Microsoft Word: Having an Office 365 membership meant I could easily switch between my iPad and the PC to work on documents.Notes: Apple's built-in app is a great way to use the Apple Pencil. Studies say that you remember things better by writing them down instead of typing them. This is the best compromise, methinks.Puffin Browser: When I needed to access a CMS that required JavaScript enabled, this was what I used before I bought Jump. It's still handy in a pinch and is the next best thing to a desktop browser experienceOutlook: The Outlook app lets me consolidate not just my emails, but my cloud drive files from Google Drive, OneDrive and even Dropbox.