Geneva Motor Show 2014 – the 12 most amazing cars and concepts

We pick out the most magnificent motors from the auto show
Lamborghini Huracan

The Geneva Motor Show has revved into action this week, bringing us all manner of launches from sensible motors to bonkers concept cars.

We've rounded up 12 of the highlights of the show; eye-wateringly desirable supercars, concepts for the future of the self-driving car, and the most interesting production models set to hit our roads in the next few years. 

1 VW Golf GTE


This could be the hot hatch of the future – a plug-in hybrid that delivers the same levels of performance as the iconic Golf GTI. On the outside, it looks just like a GTI – bar a couple of subtle styling accents – but inside, there's a 1.4l, 148bhp TSI engine that works in conjunction with a 101bhp electric motor to deliver 201bhp and 350Nm of torque. It'll take you from 0-62mph in 7.6 seconds, and its emissions are a measly 35g/km. So you can do donuts in the car park responsibly.

2 Rinspeed XchangE

Rinspeed XchangE

A living room on wheels, this Rinspeed concept looks forward to a future of self-driving cars, when sitting behind the wheel – or even facing forwards – won't be an issue. In the back, there's a 32in 4K screen; in the front, a mobile office complete with tablets, keyboards and even a coffee machine.

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3 Jaguar XE

Jaguar hasn't taken the wraps off its new sport sedan at the Geneva Motor Show – beyond a quick glimpse of it – but it does have a name. The XE will sit below the XF in Jaguar's line-up, and is set to take on the likes of the BMW 3-Series. The baby Jag is built on a lightweight aluminium frame, while inside it'll pack Jaguar's new Ingenium four-cylinder engine.

4 Audi TT

Audi TT S

Audi's third-generation TT has shed its curves and adopted an angular new look, built atop the VW Group's MQB platform. Inside, you get a swanky digital instrument panel, with a 2.0l, 227bhp engine in the base model; a sportier 306bhp TT S is launching alongside it later this year, with a hardcore TT RS model following in 2015. 

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5 Maserati Alfieri

Maserati's latest concept car isn't groundbreaking – there's no hybrid powertrain or self-driving cleverness – but it is gorgeous. The 2+2 coupé is designed to take on the likes of the Jaguar F-Type and Porsche 911, and it does so in style – it's one of the best-looking cars in the show. And it's not just a looker – under the bonnet there's a 4.7-litre V8 engine delivering 460bhp. We can but hope that it goes into production – not that we'll be able to afford one if it does.

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6 Renault Kwid

This concept car comes complete with its own drone. It's not quite as daft as it sounds; the idea is that you can take control of your mini-UAV when you're stuck in a traffic jam, observing the cause of the obstruction on the car's dashboard tablet. Of course, if every car has a drone in future, there'll be traffic jams in the sky too…

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