Facebook’s spanking new digs is a reminder that your office sucks

Thanks Facebook, we'll never see our office in the same light again

The social networking giant has moved into their new home in the South Beach building.

And boy, is it gorgeous. We’re talking tons of natural light, wraparound views of the Singapore skyline, specially commissioned artwork on the walls of its Southeast Asian headquarters. And of course, you can expect the usual perks that come with working at a global tech company like Facebook (coughfreefoodcough).

Staying connected

Look, a literal Facebook wall. This is where everyone who visits the Facebook office leaves their mark. Grab a marker from the table and scribble away, if you can find space, that is.

Data, data, on the wall

Please tell us what's trending the world over on Facebook. Have a question? Just touch the relevant tabs on the screen and it pulls up the information you need. Trending hashtags, user stats by country, and even Instagram deets. You know, just in case you forget how big a cultural phenomenon Facebook is. 

Snack all day

You'll never let a case of the munchies go unsated if you're lucky enough to work for Facebook. Their microkitchens are well-stocked with instant noodles, drinks, snacks. Whatever you need to get back to work again. It's a pity their cafeteria is still in the works, we'd have loved to see if it's anything like Google's Goopitiam

And if that doesn't do it for you, there are little carts scattered all through the office space for you to refuel right up between meetings. How anyone stays thin in this office is beyond us. 

Beery good time

The haze isn't affecting your eyesight. Yes, that's beer on tap. In the office. 

Every working hour can be happy hour. 

Tech support

This is no ordinary vending machine. It has everything you could possibly need in case you forget something - USB Ethernet adapter, phone cases, and even keyboards. All you have to do is scan your employee ID, select product, and you don't even have to return it when you're done. 

We know what you're thinking. Just don't abuse the system. 

Four people, one table

Aside from the usual boardgames in the rec corner, you get this too. A beautiful customised Facebook mahjong set. Bet your office doesn't have this.

Don't forget

Facebook owns Instagram. And it's hard to when there are so many reminders in the office. The photos on the wall are from actual Instagram users and are changed out every two months. What a nice little touch.

No gravity

That's the infamous anti-gravity room. Don't leave the office without taking a photo to fool your followers.  

Celebrate good times

This confetti staircase connects all five floors of the office so that employees don't have to leave the office to take the lift. Plus, it's probably faster and healthier to take the stairs. Win-win. 


Need a little motivation? Just read the pep on this wall. Employees are encouraged to create their own motivational posters. Nobody wants to work in a toxic environment after all.

Don't forget

Thumbs up for those who remember to return their badges. As for those who don't, Facebook hasn't invented a dislike button for that yet.