Choetech Fast And Wireless Chargers Are All About Practicality And Convenience [Discount Code Available]

Choetech offers some of the best wireless chargers for everyday use

As smartphones are constantly evolving to become more technologically developed in the coming years, wireless charging is said to be the next mainstream specification, on top of stuff like long battery life, 90Hz refresh rate displays, quad camera (or more), and etc. But the question remains, which wireless charger should we acquire in order to make full use of the wireless charging capabilities of our smartphones? As luck would have it, Choetech sent us a slew of wireless chargers to play with and here's what we have to say after using them for some weeks.

Until you actually try the magic of wireless charging, you'd probably doubt its efficacy. At least, that's what I thought before the smartphones we review at Stuff offices were without wireless charging capabilities. Sure enough, as flagship models began the race of who's best, wireless charging has become somewhat a luxury feature and only the best and most expensive models would have it.

But, who really needs wireless charging if you do ask? Well, you've got a really good point. We did crack our brains trying to think of a good reason that wireless charging is beneficial, and the consensus truly is an extra convenience. While it might seem a bit gimmicky at first, charging wirelessly does save some time and hassle from constantly plugging in the cable. But is that all?

Choetech has since come up with charging products that take wireless charging a step further. Technically, they are modifying the convenience of wireless charging into something that is more practical for everyday use and relevance. And here's what we think about them based on several weeks of continual use.

5-Coil Dual Fast Wireless Charger (T535-S)

As its name suggest, the 5-coil Dual Fast Wireless Charger from Choetech can charge up to two phones wirelessly at a time. It has a rubbery textured surface that provides a lot of grip to prevent the phone from slipping while the rubber feet at the bottom of the device is quite stable on glass surface. Its 18W output will juice up a drained iPhone 11 or 11 Pro in about 2-3 hours to 100%. Well, it's definitely slower than charging using a cable but this is indeed one of the fastest speeds in the wireless charging universe.

The phones that we use have casings on and that won't be a problem at all. There's a subtle green light LED that lights up at the centre when you place your phone to charge (it's hard to discern from the photo), however, it doesn't switch off when the phone's battery reaches 100%. Out of the box, AC adaptors aren't provided.

We do a lot of work using the iPhones here so this wireless charger has been such a convenient tool for us to rotate the phones and have them constantly juiced up without the hassle of finding our cables. All in all, it's quite a wonderful piece of tech that can be purchased without burning a hole in the pocket.

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15W Fast Wireless Charging Stand (T555-F)

Choetech's 15W Fast Wireless Charging Stand is a simple wireless charger, which doubles as a smartphone stand. Through the weeks of use, this has to be my absolute favourite wireless charger from Choetech. Its design is quite minimalistic and has a viewing angle that's just nice if you were to place it on the table. Setup is quick and simple and does its job well by charging an iPhone 11 Pro from zero to 100% in 2.5 hours.

Unlike the 5-Coil Dual Fast Wireless Charger, the cable that comes with it is a micro USB cable instead of USB C. But that's not a deal-breaker since its purpose is to wirelessly charge up your smartphones. It will also charge even when the phone has a casing on.

It does not come with an AC adaptor so buyers should take note of that. This product is currently unavailable for sale at the moment, but do keep an eye out on their official Lazada store.

USB Wall Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 (Q3002)

As a bonus, this little tyke is a no brainer device. It's a fast-charging adaptor that comes with a USB C cable right out of the box. It's also Qualcomm-certified with Quick Charge 3.0 making it quite fast in juicing up your batteries. While it is not a wireless charger, it's worth mentioning that it gets an iPhone 11 and 11 Pro from zero to 100% in less than an hour during our day-to-day use.

It's also pretty light and robust, so it's a perfect traveling companion or if you need to use your device on-the-go, so long as you know that there's a power source.

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Choetech's chargers are pretty efficient in their class of products. The wireless chargers work as fast as the best wireless chargers can be at this point in time. I also like how they have added convenience such as being able to charge two phones at once and doubling as a smartphone stand. Their simple design is made with practicality and safety in mind and wouldn't mar the space of a minimalist.

If you're looking for efficient chargers that are simple and yet practical, Choetech is a good candidate to be given a lookout. You can purchase their products on their official Lazada store.