8 things you need to know about Android Wear, Google's beautiful smartwatch operating system

All the facts about Google’s new wearable tech platform
8 things you need to know about Android Wear

Watch out Samsung and Pebble – Google has just entered the wearables game with its smartwatch-friendly Android Wear platform. So what do we know about the Android variant? Read on for all the facts…

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Like Google Now on smartphones, it knows what you want to know before you ask

Google Now on Android Wear

Android Wear uses your location or activity (as well as the masses of other data Google already has about you) to show your information it thinks you need without being bidden – stuff like travel times from your current location to your home. It’ll also make suggestions based on your activity.

Because it’s Android, it’ll work with loads of apps

Stacked Gmail notifications

Google says Wear will feed you notifications from all your favourite social media apps, as well as shopping, news and photography apps, and that it’ll play nicely with your “preferred messaging apps”. It works with the existing Android notification system, you see, so many apps will work from the off.

You can talk to it

Android Wear voice reply

Thanks to Google Now’s excellent voice recognition capabilities, you can ask an Android Wear device questions or bark orders into it. Just say, “OK, Google” and you can call a cab, fire up a music playlist, send a text, set an alarm or make a restaurant reservation.

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It’s going to help you stay healthy

Android Wear health

Like any self-respecting wearable platform, Android Wear comes with a bunch of built-in fitness functions for seasoned gym bunnies and sweating amateurs alike. It’ll work with existing fitness apps and provide real-time speed, distance and time info on your wrist.