8 things we love about the Apple iPhone X – and 6 we don't

Apple's latest is both a beauty and a beast, but it's not perfect

The iPhone X is here, and sure enough, it's a showstopper: Apple has finally revamped the iPhone after a few years of sticking with the same design.

It's a huge shift, though, dropping the home button in favour of gesture-driven navigation, facial recognition for security, and an all-screen face. It's also gorgeous, though, and feels like the truly exciting, ultra-premium upgrade we've been anticipating for some time now.

Still, with that RM5149 starting price, it won't be for everyone – and while there are many reasons why we love the phone, there are also compelling reasons to consider other options. What's great and what still needs work in the next edition? Here's our rundown.

8 things we love about the iPhone X

1) That striking design

Gone is the same design we saw four handsets in a row between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 8: the iPhone X is all new, and it's pretty special.

It's all screen on the front, with only a smidge of bezel running around the barrier and that notch at the top, which houses the True Depth camera system. Some people hate the notch, and fair enough at that – but after using the iPhone X for a while, it fades from focus and becomes a unique part of its character.

With stainless steel along the border and glass on the back, it feels like a merging of the classic iPhone aesthetic with something new, with a nice heft as well.

2) The screen is gorgeous

The iPhone X marks the first time that Apple has used an OLED panel on a smartphone, and the difference over the old LCD displays is clear.

As we've seen on many Android devices, OLED provides deeper blacks and sterling contrast, and this extra-tall 5.8in display is one of the absolute best on the market today. It's incredibly bright and has HDR support, to boot, plus it brings in Apple's True Tone tech from iPads, which automatically adjusts the colouring based on your ambient lighting.

The 2436x1125 resolution is a little lower than you'll see on some Quad HD Androids, but we found the difference to be pretty much imperceptible. It's super sharp.

3) It's perfectly sized

Yes, 5.8in sounds like an absolutely massive phone screen, especially if you're used to a hulking iPhone Plus with a 5.5in panel. But since the screen stretches upward and the phone has very little bezel, it actually feels much like a standard (but taller) iPhone 8 in the hand.

That's one of the most important, yet less-touted perks, and it's the same kind of thing we've seen with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and other nearly-all-screen phones of late. It still feels like a large screen, but the dimensions bring back a level of one-handedness that was lacking with the Plus-sized iPhones.