5 things we love about the LG G6 - and 5 we don't

It's an eye-catching, skinny slab of smartphone brilliance, but the G6 isn't perfect. Here's why

LG has pulled off a near-complete 180 with the G6, creating a great-looking flagship that you'll actually want to keep in your pocket, instead of the modular misfire that was the G5.

There's lots to like about it beyond mere appearances, and by all accounts it's the best phone LG has made in quite a while. But it's not perfect.

Here are the things we really love about the G6... plus a few of the niggles that stop it from being a true champion. 

The best things about the LG G6 are...

1) It has delightful dimensions

By swapping from the familiar 16:9 aspect ratio and slimming down the screen bezels, LG has created a big-screen phone that'll sit comfortably in just about any hand.

The G6 has a 5.7in display. That's a size which would have pushed it into phablet territory a year ago, but LG's given it an 18: aspect ratio, meaning it's taller and narrower than phones with a standard 16:9 display/ And in turn that means you can get a comfortable grip on it even if you've got dainty digits. It's more compact even than the 4.7in iPhone 7, and some will even say it's better to hold than Samsung's Galaxy S8, on account of the solid sides. Curved edges aren't for everyone, clearly.

The glass-and-metal build is pure premium, too; no half-measures like you got on the G5. And of course, all that modular nonsense that no-one really seemed to like is gone. The G6 is a whole lot better for it.

2) It has a stellar screen

The G6 isn't the first phone to show us that screen bezels can be stripped back to the bare minimum, with Xiaomi's limited-run Mi Mix having done the same earlier this year, but it does it without making annoying compromises.

Keeping the phone speaker and front-facing camera in their usual positions, instead of shunting them down to the bottom of the phone as Xiaomi did, makes all the difference - you don't have to adjust the way you use your phone, you just get on with it, enjoying a bigger screen than would normally fit in such a compact handset.

The G6 was the first with a funky 18:9 aspect ratio, too. That skinny shape is perfect for using two apps at once, and the extra resolution helps everything stay looking pin-sharp. It's the best screen LG has ever squeezed into a smartphone, and you'll love looking at it.

3) It has dual-camera cleverness

When it comes to cameras, LG does things a little differently than the rest. Most other dual-camera phones use their twin sensors to give you optical zoom, add dreamy depth of field, or boost picture quality beyond what you'd expect from a smartphone. We're looking at you, iPhone 7 Plus and Huawei P10. But the G6 instead uses its two lenses to give you a wide-angle option.

It's a unique approach, and very handy to have when you're out on the streets. Sometimes it's just not possible to step back to fit everything into your shot - but with one of these in your pocket, you won't have to. Just click a button and you'll be able to cram eveything into the one shot.

This set-up is easily one of our favourite things about the G6 - although it's not without some drawbacks, as you'll see below.