3 ways to listen to Spotify in the car

If you’re bored of radio, here's how to stream audio from your smartphone to your car stereo.

You would have thought that it’s easy to hook up your smartphone to your car. Everyone has a smartphone, everyone has a car. Connecting them should be a piece of cake.

For selected vehicles by BMW, MINI, Volvo, Ford, Tesla, Jaguar Land Rover, it is a piece of cake — they come with Spotify and minimal setup is required.

But for older vehicles, there is a way. It may require the purchase of an accessory. But even if your car stereo is the cheapest thing out there, you’re still going to be able to connect it to your smartphone. 

Use Bluetooth

Some car stereos have built-in bluetooth functionality. Pairing the device with the car stereo is like pairing with any other bluetooth-enabled device.

1.          Enable bluetooth on your smartphone and car stereo.

2.          In the bluetooth settings on your smartphone, connect to your car stereo.

3.          Open Spotify.

Some stereos even let you skip forward or back a track, or fast-forward or rewind, with the stereo’s control panel.

Some stereos let you take calls, but not play music. Check with your dealer before buying. 

Use a USB or AUX-IN cable

Older cars might not be bluetooth enabled, but have no fear. You might still be able to connect your smartphone to the stereo.

If your car stereo has a USB or AUX-IN port, you can connect it to your smartphone via a cable. This is by far the easiest way to connect your phone to your car.

Connecting your phone via USB might let you adjust the track selection from your car stereo’s control panel.

Connecting via AUX-IN will only let you control the volume via the control panel. To skip forward or back a track, you have to do it on your smartphone.