3 easy ways to preserve your digital life on World Backup Day

You'd rather be prepared than be a victim of data loss

Take it from someone who had three hard disk drives (HDD) crashed on him, you don't want to be caught with your pants down when it comes to data backup.

Surely, the thought of losing your precious photos, songs and movies would send chills down your spine. But the truth is, people haven't wised up to this problem. Turns out, one in three people have suffered data loss, according to a global survey conducted by data backup specialist Acronis.

So really, that means someone in your familiy will most likely face data loss at some point in time. But would you want to pay US$500 to recover the lost data? No, because apparently, only 11% of the respondents of the Acronis survey said they would shell out that much to recover their precious memories.

Rather than lose everything at one go, we figure it's time you practice the habit of data backup, especially since 31 March is World Backup Day. It's not really that hard, we'll show you the easy, easier and easiest way to save your digital memories.

Easy method: save them on an external HDD

Fact is, it's really a matter of being diligent and transfering files to an external HDD every now and then. By that, we mean at least once a week. It sounds like a hassle but the trick is in making sure you've sorted your files properly.

Personally, we sort our files into neat folders, marking them either as images, movies, music, games, documents and others. After all, these are the essential types of files you're dealing with. Just make it a habit to immediately sort your files after you've either transferred or downloaded them onto your laptop or PC.