The 10 most influential games IN RECORDED HISTORY

4. Space Invaders (1978)

Without Space Invaders, where would we be today? Perhaps we’d all be outside fishing, or gathered around pianos singing songs about our forefathers for fun. We may never know. Space Invaders made obsessively playing games cool, and we’re still grateful for that.

3. Elite (1984)

A proper landmark. While other games offered 2D aliens to shoot and asteroids to avoid back in the early 1980s, Elite somehow, magically, amazingly, stuck a believable and massive galaxy into our shocked faces. It was an MMO, built when it shouldn't have been technically possible, and in a feat of engineering akin to packing your entire wardrobe into a Ryanair overhead bin, Elite somehow managed to squeeze a believable galaxy full of planets, aliens and combat into the tiny memory of the computers of the early ’80s.

2. Doom (1993)

Perhaps the biggest milestone in PC gaming, Doom pushed technology to the max with its 3D worlds and super-fast play, also introducing network code for link- up shooting battles. It was amazing. It still is. We’d happily play it today. We’re going to play it today.