The top 20 Asian horror films to give you nightmares

Looking for movies to add to your Saturday night scare-athon?

Horror film enthusiasts have only had Annabelle, Paranormal Activity and Unfriended to sate their lust for movie scares. Honestly, none of them are sterling examples of great scary movie-making.

While many might lament that the heyday of the Asian horror movie might be at least a decade behind us, fret not, for during its peak there came about a bevy of pants-pissingly scary entries that are still easily available for your thrilling pleasure.

We’ve put together a list of must sees for the Asian horror movie enthusiast, and anyone who doesn’t want to sleep for a few nights - or a few weeks (or ever). 

Ringu (1998)

Easily the most famous of Asian horror movies, and probably the one that made long haired women in white dresses the last thing you want to see on a lonely night. The Ring, or Ringu in Japan, continues to spawn sequels in an expansive franchise that managed to break into Hollywood.

However, none of its successors have lived up to the bowels-venting horror of the first time Sadako crawled out of a TV. We're sure we're not the only ones creeped out by our harmless televisions after watching that film. 

Unforgettable: The part where the fricking ghost crawls out of a fricking television set.

Wishing Stairs (2003)

Whispering Corridors might sound like a name of a postmodern scandinavian electro-folk band, which is enough to scare us into deleting our iTunes, but the name actually belongs to a series of Korean horror movies. Wishing Stairs is actually the third movie of the franchise - but the stories all function as stand-alone tales, riffing on the same setting - so you won’t have missed anything. Suffice to say that any show involving schoolgirls, magical wish-granting stairs, and dead schoolgirls is a recipe for disaster - and box office gold!

Unforgettable: When Jin-sung becomes a flaming hot schoolgirl… literally.