The battle of mid-range phones continues and it gets tougher selecting the best model based on performance and affordability. Production of smartphones within this range has increased and will continue, making it tougher for us to nominate and select which is the best to purchase.

However we have narrowed down a brand that produces a good line up of laptops and a wide variety of computer components that covers motherboards, graphic cards, not forgetting their specialty in computer monitors too. Yes, the brand is ASUS and they’ve released a great contender in the mid range smartphone department.

Flagship design but it is plastic

At first glance, this smartphone presents a stylish gloss finish. Sleek and smooth with its Cornish Gorilla Glass, this phone forgoes the M1’s boring steel case look. It has a thumbprint scanner at the back, as well as the camera. The screen is great for what it is a near-perfect size at 6.3 inches and full HD, which is impressive considering it being a mid-range phone. Especially if you compare it to flagship models that might look and feature the same things, but are at triple the price.

Raising the bar

This phone was initially made for gaming hence the size of the screen, the battery life, and more. The camera on this phone is decent having a dual camera setup; one being 12 mp Sony IMX486 and the 5 mp camera that helps in the depth detection of the phone. The AI built in also helps in the recognition of the objects being photographed, identifying up to 16 objects and adjusting the parameters to be able to capture photos of the subjects accurately.

The phone has upped the ante with its upgraded Snapdragon 660, which is more than sufficient for gaming. However, it offers stock Android OS, but come January it will be upgraded to Android Pie 9.0. The battery life, again, is a huge improvement. You don’t have to worry about charging this phone for the next 24 hours, which makes it great for gaming on the go. The downside is that after gaming for 45 minutes to an hour, it generates quite a bit of heat. Another downside is that it still uses microUSB, making charging to full power take up to 3 hours.

The common feature that is great about this phone is that it still uses a 3.5 mm audio jack, which is much appreciated. The single speaker built into the phone is superbly loud and without peaking or breaking, which is also a plus.

Final Verdict

With the Zenfone Max Pro M2 coming from Asus, they have proved their worth in the smartphone industry with this model, considering its upgraded features which costs less than RM 1000. There’s not much to complain with this mid-range phone, especially with its internal RAM of 64 GBs, the battery life, splendid screen, and gaming capabilities. Priced from MYR859 for the 4GB of RAM variant and MYR999 for 6GB of RAM; both variants have the same internal storage of 64GB RAM, supported with a dedicated MicroSD slot up to 512GB.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 Sample Photos

Stuff says... 

ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2 review

The internal and external upgrades on the Max Pro M2 makes it a balanced all-rounder phone.
Good Stuff 
Phone looks premium with a Full HD screen
Powerful single speaker
Massive 5000 mAh built in battery
Bad Stuff 
Plastic casing smudges easily
Quick battery charge unavailable
Camera Performance could've been better