A new entrant into the Indian marketplace that is dominated by established brands such as Viewsonic, BenQ and Epson, Chinese player Xgimi has a great range of products, but they are readying the latest MoGo Pro for an Indian launch.

Billed as the world’s first portable projector that runs on Google’s Android TV platform, it does propel this category into the mainstream, instead of lounging on the fringes of indulgence. What’s most striking is its form factor that is reminiscent of a Sonos Play speaker. Build quality is fantastic as well and doesn’t feel like a compromised ‘hobby’ gadget at all. In fact, its specs might not necessarily highlight it, but its real-world performance is actually competitive with many mainstream budget projectors.

It can be easily carried from room to room and can have a run time of about 3-4 hours even without being plugged in, thanks to its 10400mAh battery. It does get a little warm to touch after a few minutes, but Xgimi assures us that it’s normal and the thermal architecture won’t cause damage to the unit. With a little help from Harman Kardon to tune the on-board triple-driver speaker system, it can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker even without any video signal, thereby extending the battery life. Sound quality is quite good for a device like this, and though there’s no information in the bottom octaves, the clarity and spread of sound makes it possible to watch a short, if not a full-length Bollywood masala movie, in its entirety. This may also be used most likely in a bedroom or an alternate location, so it suffices; but there’s a 3.5mm audio out just in case you want to plug it into a more powerful speaker system.

Perhaps the single feature that awards the MoGo Pro the courage to challenge traditional TVs is the 300 ANSI lumens of brightness via its LED lamp engine. This might not sound like a lot, but in our tests we were able to stream the Ind Vs NZ T20 match without the need to shut the curtains or dim any lights in the room! The picture is sharp and the auto focus is quick to adjust to the location automatically, though there is a secret toggle at the bottom of the remote control that allows you to manually control the focus too. It also adjusts keystone automatically as well, cementing its target audience as someone who just wants a big picture with a plug-n-play device. It boasts of ‘only’ HD resolution, but suffices for all its intended purposes. Don’t expect Sony levels of cinematic feel or BenQ kind of colours, but if you realise the size and price of the MoGo Pro, it stands out as an impressive video device.

The Google Play Store works as it should, but certain apps such as Netflix didn’t work flawlessly. We are told that since this is a pre-release sample, there could be a few bugs that would be ironed out by the time it's ready for commercial release. Thankfully, it doesn’t take anything away from an otherwise enjoyable 100in experience that the MoGo Pro can offer. With built-in Chromecast, you could use your smartphone just as well to make family memories come to life, and HDMI will let you hook it up to any source, even a PS4 and give your gaming the image size it truly deserves.

Menus are easy on the eyes and, thanks to the Amlogic T950X2 chip, things are brisk. 2GB RAM is enough to not feel any lag in operation, and manage the 100in image and its processing pretty well. Yes, you really can achieve a 100in image for less than ₹65,000 and that is a claim not many display devices can make, upping the MoGo Pro’s VFM factor immensely.

Tech Specs 
1920 × 1080 @60fps
300 ANSI lumens
Light engine
Image size
30in - 100in
3W, 3 drivers
Bluetooth, 3.5mm, HDMI, USB
Stuff says... 

Xgimi MoGo Pro review

A viable alternative to a traditional TV, offering larger image size, true portability and casting abilities from your smartphone
Good Stuff 
Compact size, brightness, sharpness
Sound is crisp and loud
Battery life is good enough for a movie
Bad Stuff 
Some Play Store apps don’t work as expected
Auto keystone doesn’t sort geometry completely