Yup, we mean it quite literally. The crushers thump that bass and make a permanent place on your head... if you’re brave enough.

Slotting into the mid-premium market of ANC headphones, the Crushers are here to offer something a tad different from what you would experience with the likes of Sony or Bose. There’s the regular bits included like creating your own custom profile, ambient mode and then there’s what SkullCandy call ‘Adjustable Sensory Bass’. All this packed into a beautifully plum red unit retailing for a cool Rs. 24,999. Is it the candy our skull needs?

Design and Build

The crushers come with two colour options - a black unit for the boring understated look or the Deep Red that kind of reminds you of plums or the interiors of a spanking new Lexus. We absolutely love the colour and the way it transforms the headphones into appearing like they’re worth much more than the asking price. They look like a pair that even an audiophile would happily lug around but the illusion of grandeur doesn’t end when you lift them up.

In fact, they feel premium to hold, have a bit of weight to them too and the cups unfold with a satisfying ‘click’ that snaps the cups into position. Now, it is a completely plastic build and that slightly plasticky feel is still present in the headband although there is a metal band than runs underneath it for stability. The swivel action and the adjustments are all quite well done and overall quality feels like it is up there with the rest of the competition.

Comfort and controls

They grip like two cotton hands muffling your ears and with just the right amount of pressure. It isn’t a problem for those who wear spectacles as the force doesn’t cause the stems to jut into the side of your temple. However, the earcup material isn’t very breathable and extended listening or binge watching a series causes quite some heat and your ears will sweat quite a bit if you don’t air them out from time to time.

The controls are conventionally located and are ergonomic. The slider that controls the sensory bass is on the left earcup along with the ANC switch and the music and volume controls rest on the right earcup and are clearly marked and quite big too for those who have giant fingers. The left earcup also supports touch controls - a long palm press on the left toggles the NC modes. It is all fairly simple and intuitive, but you do need the app to set up your profile.


These have been crushing the bass scene for a while now and the ANC version is no different. You get to decide the amount of physical thump the patented driver pushes on to the ear and although gets tiring after a while, delivers quite an experience. We played Xanny by Billie Eilish and pushed the slider all the way to the top, which caused some literal vibes on and around ears. We don’t fancy that and when tuned to our liking (a bit lower than the mid-range), we found the presentation to be energetic and fun. The bass, although delivered in spades, is quite defined and doesn't falter when it comes to delivering the low end detail.

Apart from the manic bass, the mid range is handled well too. Play Hollywood's Bleeding by Post Malone and his voice pushes through with authority from amidst the strands of instrument going on in the back. And although the ANC isn’t the best in class, it does it’s job in an office environment. The higher frequencies tend to sound brittle and can be harsh at times, but the fact that the bass doesn't envelope it is commendable considering the sheer physical thump present here.


The SkullCandy Crusher ANC is an absolute treat for those who like to literally feel the bass. That patented driver tech sure creates a defined and enjoyable low end rumble and while ANC isn’t the best in class considering the price, it is enough for most applications and blocks out disturbances at an acceptable level. It isn’t going to give you the same sense of doom and vacuum when you switch on ANC on something like the higher end Sony and Bose offerings.

Stuff says... 

SkullCandy Crusher review

Crushes the bass game, but not so much noise-cancellation
Good Stuff 
Skull-crushing bass
Low-end detail
Doesn’t envelop higher frequencies
Battery life with quick charging
Bad Stuff 
ANC could be better
App could do much more