While there is a fair share of monitors cut out for specific tasks, there’s little to nothing for people who are juggling late-night emails, Netflix and maybe a round of FIFA on the PS5. Samsung’s M7 is the answer, and it brings perfect harmony to work-life balance.

It’s got a little of everything, whether you’re a console gamer, a MacBook wizard or you simply mash a lot of data onto an excel sheet and then carry on with murder documentaries.

The M7 sits comfortably in the centre of do-it-all. Its even got Apple’s AirPlay which is quite rare with desktop monitors. If it’s got everything, is this what all monitors should aspire to be? Heck yes. So far we’ve witnessed even toilet seats getting smarter by the day, why are monitors moving at a snail’s pace? We don’t have answers to these questions but we do know the M7 is unlike any other monitor and here’s why it’s also our favourite work-from-home monitor!

The 32in beauty sports a 4K resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate. You get two HDMI 2.0, one USB Type-C with up to 65W power delivery and three USB Type-A. And like all smart things these days, there’s a host of wireless connections which will make sure you’re connected to this thing if you cut the cable clutter from your desk. MacBooks are probably the most powerful around the M7. It works seamlessly with Apple AirPlay for mirroring or extending displays. You can even connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to transform your desk into a station for wireless working wizardry. If your Mac is running out of juice, the 65W power delivery from the USB Type-C is enough to float the MacBook without you needing to search for an extra plug point or the adapter.

We couldn’t get our MacBook Pro 15in (2018) to connect to the display for mirroring with the Mac’s bundled Type-C charging cable. It would charge the MacBook but wouldn’t display Mac’s contents on the M7. We think it's a compatibility issue with the cable. Make sure you have a USB Type-C to Type-C 3.1 cable on hand if you want to connect a MacBook to this monitor.

The monitor also doesn’t allow you to shut off power delivery when needed. This may result in overcharging your laptop which may reduce its overall battery life and also cause heating in the laptop.

Playing PS5 and PC games is a treat. Of course, you should stick to the cinematic and simulator games if you don’t want to wrestle with the thought of having an 8ms of response time for competitive gaming. This monitor and its size are not cut out for that. It’s for the PlayStation blockbusters and driving simulators like SnowRunner.

The 4K resolution is also quite crispy and sharp for any type of content. The text is sharp and clear for typing and spreadsheet work. Although we’d love it even more if it came with an ambient light sensor. Manually adjusting the brightness from high to low is a bit tedious when you switch from office pants to bedroom PJs. We wouldn’t tout this as the most accurate display either because the VA panel certainly has its drawbacks when it comes to viewing angles but as long as you thrive in your bat cave as an eligible bachelor, the M7 will cater to your every need. You can quickly skip from working to gaming to binging. A smart monitor makes a world’s difference to your work from home setup.

Smart displays these days are always fitted with Android TV but Samsung chose to stick to its own Tizen OS for this one and frankly we ain’t complaining. It’s zippy, clean and has the important OTT apps you need. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Voot and Sony Liv are among the most popular apps. There’s AppleTV and Apple Music here as well. We couldn’t find MX Player and other smaller OTT apps. It might be a bit disappointing for some who want the massive library of Android TV apps here.

It also has a proper remote with nice clickable buttons and a very interesting way to change volume and channels. The Netflix and Prime Video buttons baked right into it for quicker access. You can also use your voice to summon Bixby and have it do the changes for you. Samsung’s very own AI will do anything you ask and it too is baked into the remote. It really helps in changing HDMI connections and even changing the brightness immediately! Now you can change into PJs, ask Bixby to reduce the brightness and start Netflix. It’s easy and fast. (An ambient sensor would still be better).

There’s also a way to access your work PC without having it around you. Remote Access lets you connect to your system back in the office and work directly from your monitor using a keyboard and mouse. Even Microsoft Office is installed on the M7 for faster and easier access. 

Alas, it’s not perfect. Although we think that the picture quality and colours are acceptable for the price, HDR10 is still marketing padding. You might want to spend somewhere else if you’re looking for colour accuracy and inky blacks. The audio is also tinny and harsh. The speakers are meant for YouTube videos but you might need better quality speakers to enjoy music and Netflix. Like smartphones these days, Samsung’s gone a step too far and removed the aux port so you’ll need a HomePod Mini or any other Bluetooth speaker to connect the M7 to external speakers. 



The M7 delivers the promise of work from home, you just have to be rich enough to sing to its wireless symphonies. There’s more than one way to get this display to help you work and that’s without cables or without the need for a system too. 

Swapping work for Netflix is just at a push of a button, whether you get productive or lazier is up to the monsoon weather but the M7 brings a good amount of smart features for every work environment. You can, in practice, plonk a FireTV Stick into your existing monitor and get on with life but the M7 brings AirPlay, Remote Access and power delivery.

It’s not without its caveats. There’s no aux or DisplayPort and the monitor stand is as rigid as they get. You can opt for the cheaper M5 that comes with FullHD display and in two sizes as well. The M7 is compelling only if you’re bound to Apple’s ecosystem and sometimes want to dabble in console gaming.

Tech Specs 
3,840 x 2,160, HDR10
Tizen 5.5
WiFi / BT
Yes (WiFi5, BT4.2)
10W (5Wx2)
2 x HDMI 2.0 | 1 x USB Type-C with 65W power delivery | 3 x USB Type-A 2.0
Stuff says... 

Samsung M7 32in monitor review

A smart monitor that is useful in more ways than one. It’s ready to declutter your desk and unite work and Netflix
Good Stuff 
Smarter than a fifth-grader
Useful features for wireless connection
Samsung DeX and Remote Access are quite useful
4K display is sharp
Bixby is useful
Type-C power delivery
Bad Stuff 
Speakers are so-so
No aux port
HDR implementation