Zowie's new range of gaming products will take you closer to ESL

BenQ Zowie step up the game in Indian's competitive gaming market.

November is ending, but don’t pick those razors just yet. You might have to shave off a few extra bucks to get a more premium competitive gamer gear.

Zowie is looking to tap into the competitive e-sports market with its all-new range of noob-swatting products. Aimed directly at competitive gamers, they haven't shied away from bragging about how they have crafted ‘pro-level’ stuff by paying attention to the minisculest of details to give competitive gamers that well-deserved umph.



Click bait

Zowie has released three series of gaming mice costing 7,500 with similar features but varying sizes - pick one that suits your grip style.

The FK, EC and ZA series all come with 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200DPI settings with adjustable USB report rate of 125 / 500 / 1000Hz with a similar lift-off distance of 1.5mm to 1.8mm across all of them.

While the FK and ZA series are ambidextrous, the EC series is designed exclusively for right-hand users and comes only in two sizes.

The FK and ZA, on the other hand (quite literally), come in three different sizes with two thumb buttons on either side of the mouse.

So whether you use claw grip, palm grip, mom-using-smartphone grip - they have it. Okay, not the last one, but you get the point.



vital sound

You might be thinking, what’s this tiny audio management device? Is it any good for a gamer? Well then, that's where you draw the line between a casual gamer and a competitive one. Not being able to hear well is as bad as not being able to see well - you might as well throw your arms up, call it quits and stop singing ayeoo.

Moving on, the Vital is a portable device lets you adjust your sound settings using a neatly designed touch panel. It comes equipped with a Hi-Fi grade DAC chipset for high-quality sound. So the next time you go to your nearest cafe for a competition, you can carry it along and have your settings stored in the device. Simply plug it in the USB port and you’re good to go, no annoying drivers needed here.



Xtra large blinkers

This XL 2540 monitor has crossed all levels of ‘pro-ness’, it comes with a Black eQualizer that increases visibility in the dark without overexposing bright areas and the LCD frame has been specifically designed to reduce light reflection. Oh, and it has a 240Hz refresh rate - let that buffer in your head for a while.

You might be the best gamer in India, but you too will need these ‘shields’ around your monitor to help you concentrate better. Feeling horse-y yet? Though at 45,000, it costs as much as a Full HD TV.



Supporting comrades

Mouse pads: The TF-X series and the SR series offer good smooth surfaces, both more slippery than Steven Gerrard on the football pitch. The difference lies in texture and the material of the pads. The TF-X has a unique combination of plastic and cloth mousepad with liquid resistance, while the SR series is a cloth mousepad with a sturdier rubber base for better stability.

Camade: Playing FPS and MMORPGs come with frustration and ferocity that hair pulling and banging your mouse build over time as a reflex. Luckily for you Hardcore Henrys, Zowie’s Camade ensures that your wire stays put and avoids any entanglement or looping to hinder your gaming experience. 

Skatez: These are mousefeet replacement for your Zowie mouse. They are made of 100% pure teflon and come in different sizes, depending upon the model of your Zowie mouse.

The competitive gaming market in India is still at its budding stage, but if companies like BenQ Zowie support and nourish it, we might soon see some extraordinary professional gaming scenes.