Time to give high-definition a rest

LeEco’s SuperTV is here and it brings yet another claim of changing the way we watch TV

It isn’t the first brand to whisper those words in our jaded ears, so we're cautious to approach the new line of LeEco SuperTVs. But we can’t help get closer, thanks to that absolutely poetic stand on which the LG-sourced panel resides, and we’ve never used that word before to describe something as functional as a TV stand.

The wave like design is cast out of single-piece metal and is heavy and rigid enough to shoulder the weight of either the 55in or 65in models. It can be detached if you wish to wall-mount the TV, but, honestly, it’s so good, we’d rather rearrange our living room just to keep it bolted on! Calling it the “Yoga-shape” is perhaps it’s only misgiving. 

But the TV's aesthetics don’t ride on the stand alone. The ultra-slim bezel measures a mere 6.9mm and wears a smart diamond-cut aluminium look that stands out as much as the stand. Around the back too, quite innovatively, LeEco has made the innards visible by using a translucent polycarbonate cover that makes it a joy to view the neatly laid out circuitry inside. It exudes confidence in design, and we can’t help but nod at that. 

Making of a “super” TV

To call this just a TV would be an understatement, and LeEco is quite honest about the fact that it is not into television manufacturing. Its massive surge in China has come from its successful content platform that offers music, movies, aggregated online videos and partnerships with live TV apps like YuppTV. A two-year subscription fee of ₹9,800 is currently bundled with the SuperTVs, but LeEco is quick to point out that it might decouple that soon.

That includes the whole LeEco ecosystem with LeVidi, LeLive and anything that its partners like Eros, Feeln and others offer. Sure, if you’re a bigger binge watcher than that, the whole of the Android Play Store is open for you. USB playback is supported via two USB 3.0 ports and a USB 2.0 port, while three HDMI 2.0 ports play host to your external sources.

To handle and present all this in an easy-to-use manner, LeEco uses the EUI, which is a pretty cool interface that almost urges you to make that call to your DTH operator and cancel all packages immediately. This is happening elsewhere in developed countries, and with televisions like this, it’s only a matter of time before streaming online content on TV takes over conventional STB-driven consumption.

The overblown specs prove that the SuperTV can keep things zippy no matter how much online content you browse through: it's got 3GB of RAM, a Cortex A17 quad-core 1.4GHz processor, a Mali-T760MP4 GPU, a MACE-Pro4 UC+ picture engine and a 4K hardware decoder for HEVC/H.265 videos at 60 fps. Now some of these mouthfuls also relate to picture quality, so rest assured, it may actually prove its mettle even when it comes to outright picture quality, but we can only ascertain that after a full test. Which will happen soon. 

Even a remote that’s super

Much like many others, there’s a palm-sized remote with a gyroscope, motion sensors and maybe even fun pheromones, but all we know that it’s a decent unit that doesn’t split any opinions. It gets a dedicated Le key that brings up a screen with your favourite apps or channels, so it cuts down on browsing every time you wish to watch the same channel. You could even use it as an air mouse to point and click on desired icons - again, not revolutionary, but is handy to have.

All this is offered on three models, the Super3 X55 55in (59,970), the Super3 X65S (99,790) and Max65S (1,49,790) models. The last one adds 3D functionality to the 65in model, but is identical otherwise. Warranty will be industry-leading too, with four years on the panel and two years on any other components, which is more than twice of what the competition is offering currently.

Users also get access to 5TB of cloud storage, which is a deal sweetener and LeEco is aiming to cash on it during the flash sales it plans to have on LeMall and Flipkart. This is disruptive pricing for a 4K Smart TV for sure, and we can’t wait to have our hands on it for a full review. Watch this space for more.