Tesla shows the Model S some love with new grille and faster charging

It's not all about the Model 3 - bigger brother gets a facelift too

It's not even been two weeks since Tesla unveiled the US$35,000 Model 3, but now an update for its bigger brother has been revealed.

The Model S is Tesla's bread and butter, the electric super-sedan that can scare Ferarris and Porsches off the line. And now it's getting even better with a fresh front grille and faster charging.

The old front fascia looked a little busy, but the new design is far sleeker. The new-look headlights really top it off, making the car look a lot meaner face-on.

The standard battery charger has been bumped from 40 amps to 48 amps, so you shouldn't be waiting around for quite so long while the car recharges.

You should breathe a little easier once you're inside the cabin, too. Tesla has overhauled the HEPA air filtration system, which was already 100 times more effective than any other in-car filter.

After all, you aren't breathing in any petrol fumes from the electric motor - why should you have to suck down emissions from other cars?

The only thing missing from the update seems to be a bigger battery.

Tesla hackers had uncovered evidence of a P100D logo within the car's operating system, suggesting a 100kWh model was on the way, but that didn't happen today.

That means the P90D is still the top-end Tesla, with a Ludicrous 2.6sec 0-100 time.

It's available to order right now, today's updates included, from Tesla's website.