“Smart Shirt” is a thing, you guys

...and this one from Arrow, India’s first of its kind, is one we’d totally tap into

We’ll be honest - when we first heard about the “Smart Shirt from Arrow”, our first thought was, “Well, it’s probably about some new tech in the manufacturing or retailing process”.

And boy, were we surprised. Because what this brand from Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd has is a proper tech-enabled shirt.

A chip on its shoulders?

Up its sleeves, actually; in the cuff, to be precise. This chip pairs with an app on your smartphone that you can use to program and change preferred functions, and it’s all very simple. Tap to launch your most-needed app - be it music, Whatsapp or email - and it’ll open on your phone within a few seconds. Out at a business meet? Impress your clients by asking them to tap their NFC-enabled phones onto your cuff to share your business card, LinkedIn profile or even your Facebook fan page (we’re sure you have one). Don’t want to be disturbed? Program your shirt to put your phone onto Meeting mode and send out “In a meeting; will call later” messages when tapped - it’s all rather smooth.

Will it wither under pressure?

No. This 100% cotton outfit is easily washable, iron-friendly, beep-free under metal detectors, and even harmful-radiation free, so all you need to worry about is creasing it during your Uber Pool ride just before an important meeting. It’s just like any normal shirt and, at 2999, priced like any other cuff-sleeved shirt too.

The Smart Shirt is now available at all Arrow outlet as well as on NNNow.com. Go on, upgrade your wardrobe.