Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge leaked photos show off added curves

Renders are so last week: these are purportedly the real deal

As far as we can tell, there's little left to spoil about the look and feel of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: between leaked renders and specs from a reputable, reliable source, we have a pretty great idea of what to expect in two weeks.

But renders are one thing and in-hand photos are another thing entirely, and we're starting to see purported photos of both devices come out from various sources. First off, the photo on the left (below) claims to show a near-final version of the 5.5in Galaxy S7 Edge, which seems to be running a benchmark test. The photo comes from a Weibo user named JKwan, via NoWhereElse.

What's noticeable is the extra roundedness to the top bezel above the screen: of course the Edge has a display that curves around the edges, but now there's a fuller-looking bulge up top. It's a small difference, but one that could serve as the most notable design distinction for the S7 line against the S6 models.

And if the AnTuTu benchmark test seen here is legitimate, the score of 134,704 is almost double what the Galaxy S6 Edge+ achieved late last summer. If true, that's a huge bump in processing power that might easily continue Samsung's recent dominance in that department.

The other photo (right), purportedly of the back of a standard Galaxy S7, also shows a slightly more bulbous shape to the backing. And as earlier rumours suggested, the camera bulge has been trimmed down from the Galaxy S6, which is a nice perk. However, given that reports claim the camera has been bumped down from 16 megapixels to 12MP, we'll have to see if there's a trade-off in performance to match.

We can't say for sure if these photos are legitimate, but they match up well with the leaked renders and reported specs, all of which are gelling together to provide a pretty complete picture of what to expect.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge on 21 February in Barcelona as Mobile World Congress 2016 gets underway, and we'll be there bringing you the official details, plus our impressions of Samsung's next flagship devices.

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