Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge pictured in the flesh

A leakster has snapped the curved screen smartphone next to its flat display counterpart

Gone are the days when an important smartphone could be launched without everybody already knowing what it looks like.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the latest big-name phone to fall foul of the leaksters, with two photos of the curved-screen handset appearing on the XDA Developers forum. The Galaxy S6 Edge is pictured, front and back, lying flat on a tabletop next to a regular, flat-screened Galaxy S6.

One thing the images suggest is that the curved sections of the screen don’t operate as separate sections of the display, as is the case with the Galaxy Note Edge, but as part of the whole screen. It’s possible (we’d say likely, in fact) that they will be able to operate independently if the user wants – to show notifications while the remainder of the screen is turned off, for example.

No new look?

The photos also show that the overall design of both the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy S6 remains fairly close to that of previous Galaxy devices, despite some believing that this generation might change up the styling for a more premium look.

Samsung is widely expected to unveil both these phones at its pre-MWC 2015 press conference, which takes place on Sunday. We’ll, of course, be there – so make sure you’re here to check out our liveblog of whatever unfolds.

[Source: XDA Developers via SamMobile]