Qualcomm teases 8K video recording with new Snapdragon 865 chipset

Where’s my 5G?

Well, it’s still in there, but not inside the chipset itself, as many had expected. At the ongoing Qualcomm Summit, the silicon behemoth announced the new 865 and 765 chipsets.

Long story short, these are the chipsets that will power the 5G-enabled Android smartphones that you will buy in the coming year.

Surprisingly, Qualcomm announced its flagship chipset, the 865, without an integrated 5G modem. Manufacturers will have to add the additional X55 5G modem (announced earlier) alongside the chipset, which will take up additional space on those tiny circuit boards inside your smartphone.

While manufacturers from Oppo, Xiaomi promised that new 865-powered premium smartphones will be out from next year, the focus was indeed on mid-range handsets. Qualcomm announced the new 765 (and 765G) chipset that will come with integrated 5G (Snapdragon X52 modem). This in turn should make 5G more accessible to the masses instead of being reserved for the top-end smartphones.

The whole 5G discussion aside, the 865 gets a big upgrade when it comes to performance. Expect features like 8K video recording at 30 fps and support for shooting 200 MP images.