OnePlus’ R&D centre in Hyderabad is where it will develop the smarts for the phones

Brainiacs and nerds are welcome, all 1500 of ‘em

Make in India is a serious initiative taken up by many tech companies in India. Samsung boasts about it in every Galaxy S series launch and now we won’t hear the end of it from OnePlus (and that’s not a bad thing).

So how much of the research and development is actually happening in Hyderabad? And should we really bother what companies do behind closed doors? Well… don’t you want to know what fun stuff is brewing in your backyard? Obviously! So here’s everything you need to know about OnePlus’ latest new R&D centre in Hyderabad. 

Pete’s Petri dish

Like any significant launch, the big boss from OnePlus’ headquarters flew to Hyderabad to inaugurate the 36,000sqft office. It has five floors for scheming plans for OnePlus’ smartphone domination and the areas of focus will be AI, 5G and IoT.  The R&D centre will house three labs –– a camera lab (for better beauty filters), communication and networking labs (so you can blame Vodafone and Jio for network mishaps), and automation labs that will focus heavily on camera development, 5G testing, software with focus on AI and performance testing. Oh and Oxygen OS as well.

According to the folks at OnePlus, in the next three years, the Hyderabad centre will probably become the biggest R&D centre globally. Now only designing the phone is left, maybe California?