Norton’s Security protects your entire tech ecosystem

One security to protect them all, and on the internet bind them

If only Sauron had Norton’s multi-layered security system to protect himself and the one ring from every pesky hobbit, he wouldn’t need a fiery tower to encrypt his messages to rule all humanity.

But Norton is for the good guys and not the baddies. And they just launched their new antivirus system update to keep your city safe from sly trojans.

Do I have to pay?

Counter-question: Do you want to be protected by the best on every device? If yes, then you have your answer.

Don’t be a miser. As good as the Internet can be, most of us don’t even realise how important it is to stay protected. Hackers, viruses, malware and now even ransomware have become stronger and better with the progress of the Internet.

After the massive DDoS attack on Internet Service Providers across Mumbai, you might want to reconsider your lack of security on devices.

The new emulation feature by Norton Security protects your device from any unknown malicious threats hiding inside other softwares. By running an ‘unpacking’ of the software in an emulated environment, it checks for any unwanted intrusion you might have while installing a software.

A proactive system hardening and predictive machine learning engine ensure that your device is constantly protected, but doesn’t slow down to screen-punching levels.

What will ₹1,299 get me?

One year of protection on five devices. Devices, you say? Yes, if you are a gadget monkey, swinging about from one device to another, all connected to each other, then Norton is your security solution. One Norton antivirus protects PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

And assuming you live in a cave using only one device, then it will cost you 749 for a year.

And if you a crazy tech-wizard laughing devilishly and experiencing mild thunder in the background, you’ll be happy to know that the ₹2,799 Norton Premium Security gives protection for upto 10 devices and a bonus 25GB of secure cloud storage.

Still not convinced? Watch Black Mirror's Shut Up And Dance (current season) and try not to shudder.  

You can buy the Norton Security from here.