The new Intex series is 4G-enabled, and more

Is there anything the 4G-enabled Intex Aqua Raze cannot do? We think not. And wait till you see the price tag…

A smart remote that makes your home appliances do your bidding, speaks your mother tongue, is 4G-enabled and allows you to make phone calls, click selfies, run apps, the works – all for ₹5199. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, meet Intex’s Aqua Raze.

Okay, we flipped the facts a bit. It’s not a universal remote control, it’s a smartphone that also works as a universal remote control. The Aqua Raze is a bona fide smartphone. It has on it a 4.5in display, is powered with a Quad-Core processor and 1GB RAM chipset and runs on Android OS Lollipop. It has 5MP/2MP rear/front cams, in-built 8GB ROM with an expandable memory of up to 32GB and Matrabhasha service that enables communication in 21 regional languages. It’s also a bona fide universal remote – the inbuilt ZaZa Remote allows you to automate your TV, music system, air conditioner, fans, DVD player, the works. And then there’s bloatware – this includes FOTA, Intex Service, Follo, Opera Mini, 360 Security, Clean Master, Newshunt and Myntra.

We weren’t kidding about the 4G, though. The Aqua Raze is indeed 4G-enabled. Why we’re excited is because the timing couldn’t have been better – your city might just have got an exciting new set of 4G plans as we speak. If your current phone isn’t equipped for it, at ₹5199, the Intex Aqua Raze makes for a very economical entry point.

Can it get even more pocket-friendly? Yes it can, with Intex’s other 4G-enabled offering – the Aqua Wing. This smaller sibling does not feature the ZaZa Remote, has a smaller 4in display and a 5MP rear / front VGA camera. But it is 4G-enabled too, at a humble ₹4599 price tag. Well played, Intex.