The Neonode AirBar gives you a touchscreen without a touch

Or a screen

Before you get all air-headed and the name misleads you into believing there’s a magical, floating bar that serves you beer fresh off the tap, relax your hop-infused senses. The AirBar isn’t actually a bar, it’s a sensor. For those of you non-alcoholics still reading - what the clever thing does, is convert your average laptop screen into a touchscreen. How?

No, not magic. And neither does it work only when you’re consuming impressive amounts of liquor. You place the Neonode AirBar at the base of your screen and it projects an invisible light field all over your screen, which, when you break with your finger, pen or whatever it is you like to poke at your display with, creates a response. And, just like that, you interact with your laptop without actually touching it.

It might be a bit tough to comprehend, but it is what it is - a device that converts your laptop screen into a touchscreen that works without you needing to actually touch the screen - and this is why we love CES 2016. Now, such a device can open up a host of possibilities. For instance, you can sing Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls freely to your laptop, without anyone judging you, or you can actually do away with the menacing mouse and just use the AirBar, especially considering that the $49 (₹3275) price lands it in the mid-range mouse segment. Or you can do both, actually.

Hold your breath, though - the Neonode AirBar can only be pre-ordered as of now, in 15.6in, 14in, 13.3in and 11.6in, with shipment promised in early 2016. There’s limited functionality with OS X, so MacBook users might have to wait. Windows 8, 10 and Chromebooks work fine, claim Neonode. Oh, and when you do get it, don’t forget to take it off after you’re done singing to your laptop, lest you break your screen or the AirBar itself while folding your laptop in a hurry. Details on their website.