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There’s just too much choice in life, whether we’re talking ice cream flavours or TV channels. But in terms of 4K TVs, we thought we’d do you a favour and pick out the absolute best buys of the year.

From tech toys like the DJI Spark to appease your inner child, to tech you can talk to, there’s something for everyone. There’s only so much temptation we can put together in one issue!


What else is in the mag?

With the amount of choice 4K TVs offer these days, we’d be worried about the health of our bank account... if we were you. Anyway, at least we help you reach a decision so the money is well spent and you have the experts guiding you in the big decision-making process.

That’s not to mention the usual Hot Stuff, competitions and our famous Top Tens, which now come filled with more useful tips and tricks than ever before.


It’s not just TVs we’ve been testing down in the labs. We’ve put our pilot skills to the test with the DJI Spark, treated our ears to be best noise-cancelling headphones and cheered the revival of our second favourite and long-forgotten fruit, the Blackberry.

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