Missing the bucket seat action? Citroën insists you buckle up for some online fun…

#PlayWithC3R5 Championship kicks off on June 10

Missing track day action?

Get ready to get behind the wheel of a C3R5 on DIRT2.0. Fans, drivers or SIM Racing professionals, and just about anyone can now compete in 5 rallies of 12 stages in the #PlayWithC3R5 – Citroën Racing’s virtual racing competition.

The championship will take place over 5 key world rally events, and asphalt, gravel, snow or ice surfaces will be on the menu. Virtually get transported to Germany, Finland, Greece, Monte Carlo and Wales to confront players from these renowned rallies, each race condition with their own unique difficulties.

Registrations for the competition are open, starting today while the championship kicks off on June 10 in Germany. Check out the sporting and technical regulations here and get ready for some adrenaline rush.

There’s more for the enthusiasts. Winners get rewards prizes in official Citroën Racing colours, along with the opportunity to show their creative side by choosing from four available C3R5 designs: the official livery or three designs created by fans and selected by means of a design competition.